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Wuhu Mosen Tektronix Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional level of the international automotive technology company, its staff have participated in and led the broad masses of Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Chrysler manufacturers, including a dozen models Design - verification - the whole process of mass production. The company accumulated and mastered the international common automotive parts production process design and development, prototype production, line production, project management, experimental norms, quality control standards such as a full range of experience and philosophy.
The company has an experienced technical development team, technical leader Zhang Tian'e is a senior design engineer, graduated from the University of New South Wales, Wu Longgang University, received a master's degree in mechanical engineering, with more than 10 years the world's top 500 automotive design and management experience. Mr. Zhou Yucheng, Senior Engineer, Hefei University of Technology, graduated from the mechanical manufacturing industry, has a wealth of enterprise production management and process management experience, strong organizational and coordination capacity, under its leadership, the company's performance year after year growth, 2016 To achieve sales of 500 million yuan, a substantial increase over the previous year.
The company after 10 years of development, is becoming China's automotive sunroof, glass lift a leader. Technical team has five graduate students, 29 undergraduates, technical ability, knowledge and reserves, in recent years there have been many people won the "Wuhu City thousands of people plan" honor, panoramic sunroof R & D project team was identified as "Wuhu City 5111 Industry Innovation Team ", which is an important affirmation of the Mönnte Tektronix technical team.