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Safety drills, fire knowledge unremitting

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To strengthen routine safety Mawson Tektronix Wuhu Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., to improve the overall quality of fire safety, prevention and self-help capabilities of various emergency rescue, October 17 afternoon, held a "in front of the office building in 2013 fire and emergency rescue safety exercises. "

Before the exercise, the company safety committee, General Manager's Office, together with the actual situation of the company, careful formulation of the drill program activities, clear all departments and job security responsibilities and requirements for the successful holding of exercises provide practical guarantee.

October 17 at 14:30 hours, with the sirens sounded in the company, department heads immediately arrived at the designated position, the boot sector employees quickly evacuated, designated escape routes along its fast forward, safe and orderly evacuation of the building zone, then count the number of security officers of various departments and layers of reporting to their superiors, while employees with one minute 28 seconds to evacuate more than 100 employees all safe evacuation is completed.

Followed by various departments in the form of sketches, field simulated fire escape emergency rescue, emergency rescue mechanical injury, electric shock, emergency rescue casualties, plant emergency rescue vehicle injuries, food poisoning, emergency rescue and other content, in the form of competition so that more staff able to participate in the activities of various emergency drills in the past, on the sidelines of the employees with the fun of the game, learn more secure knowledge of emergency rescue and escape.

Finally, firefighters invited professional security staff conducted a fire safety training, fire safety from their daily work, the use of fire appliances, one for everyone to explain and demonstrate, make up some of the staff in the absence of the necessary fire safety knowledge played a good effect. Some of the new staff also conducted a dry powder fire combat exercises.

Thus exercises near the end, general manager Zhou Yucheng summarized on the exercise, the exercise enhanced their understanding of the emergency rescue and fire fighting knowledge to improve everyone's safety awareness, reaching the dual purpose of publicity and education, exercise made success. He stressed that safety is no small matter, no security to speak of everything. I hope you provide strong security by participating in today's exercise and watch content from ideologically attached great importance to security work for the company production and business activities smoothly. Last week the total congratulate exercise a success and announced the end of the exercise