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To the southwest, Liuzhou subsidiary company successfully put into operation

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2015-4-30  Views: 989

Liuzhou Sentaike project total investment of 38730000 yuan, has been officially put into operation in 2014 September. Mo Sentaike Liuzhou company to the beginning of the project, adhering to the "create a model factory" concept, in plant standardization, automation equipment, technology to evolution all embody the excellent performance.

In September 8, 2014, the Mid Autumn Festival to celebrate the day of reunion, Liuzhou company staff are struggling in the production line, 2 in the afternoon of the first 40 suite CN200 glass lifter official line, their hard sweat out of the fruits of the harvest. CN200 is a glass lifter Baojun 730 new generation models specially matched, at the same time our company has successfully acquired all models of GM Wuling Baojun platform exclusive supply, development qualification.

Liuzhou's first approval line, for the company to develop the external market, improve market share, for the realization of "general goal of company 3-5 years to become the domestic first-class, sunroof, glass lifter international advanced manufacturing base", taken a solid step!

Liuzhou Sentaike hall Mo

Liuzhou 40 of the first suite of offline.