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The title of "Anhui Province approved intelligent automotive engineering technology research center"

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2015-4-30  Views: 1516

Approved the "Anhui province intelligent automotive engineering technology research center", Anhui province will drive the skylight industry to a new level in order to strengthen engineering research platform construction, common key technology development in the industry development, improve the scientific and technological achievements mature, supporting and engineering level, in 2014 the company organization declared a project in Anhui Province Technology Research Center project. Actively cooperate with relevant departments attach great importance to the leadership of the company, the company conducted a comprehensive, careful preparation, the project successfully obtained the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the provincial science and Technology Department audit approval, our company has become the first in Anhui Province Automotive Engineering Technology Research center.

"The establishment of the Anhui province intelligent vehicle roof engineering technology research center", to further improve the company's visibility and influence, will also promote the technological progress of sunroof industry, improve the overall technical level of Anhui Province, sunroof, enhance the capability of independent innovation and market competitiveness, further affect the domestic level.

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