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The establishment of the "sunshine project" organization, a clear institutional responsibilities and petition channels

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Since 2014 November the "sunshine project" to carry out the work, the company set up a "sunshine project" organization, and clear responsibilities and report petition channels, has achieved remarkable results: the safe operation of the company, the healthy development of positive employee! I hope the company staff work in the future to make persistent efforts, the company discipline, to prevent serious corruption in business Surety Company, healthy and stable development, personal contribution!

One, the "sunshine project" organization and responsibility

Two, Chery technology report petition channels:

Report Mailbox: maoguoxin@mychery.com; yangxianhua1@mychery.com; reportTel: 0553-5923157

three, the Mohsen

Taco report: Report Mailbox channel: yangguang@motiontec.cn

reportTel: 0553-5962361