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Lean production goes forward bravely, TPM continues to promote and improve the "intelligent manufacturing" environment of enterprises

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In order to create a good corporate culture, improve the enterprise operation system. With the joint efforts of the TPM promotion group of the company, we will continue to guarantee the production and operation of the enterprise, shape the quality of the whole staff, build the core competitiveness of the enterprise and reach the leading level in the industry.

Since March, each group has been actively exploring and improving topics, drawing on collective wisdom, introducing new technologies, new concepts and new processes, and taking effective measures to follow up the implementation, so as to ensure the continuous progress of various topics and contribute to the construction of the company. General manager Zhou participated in the whole process of the activity, reviewed the process and gave constructive instructions.

5S is the foundation of implementing TPM activity system, and persistence is the key of 5S activity. In order to create a clean, clean and orderly working environment, the "white glove action" is specially carried out in the workshop, and the continuous cycle work mode such as inspection, notification and improvement is carried out regularly to ensure the steady improvement of the site environment and lay a solid foundation for the follow-up work of TPM. This activity has been highly recognized and supported by general manager Wang (Xiaowei), deputy general manager of the company; At present, the 5S in each workshop has been improved obviously.

Through the improvement proposal activities, the company guides and encourages employees to actively put forward and implement any innovation proposal activities that are conducive to ensuring production safety, improving work efficiency, improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs, improving business performance and improving enterprise management level; improving the difficulties and deficiencies in the work process, so as to improve employees' innovation awareness and creativity Efforts to build a positive, civilized and healthy working atmosphere.

Finally, through the active participation of the whole staff in the TPM management work, we can do a good job in the field 5S management work, complete the improvement bit by bit, introduce the advanced technology and concept, constantly improve the management level, and jointly build a better corporate culture.

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