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Human Resources

Talent Strategy
Tektronix from Mawson inception, we have always apparent driving force employees to the company's most valuable asset and corporate sustainability.

In practice the "professional and technical services to human health," the mission, we have been the "customer-oriented, efficient operations, staff achievements" as our business philosophy. Talent strategy is an important strategic company concerned, the company adopted a proactive human resources policies to attract, develop and retain talent. We are concerned about employees' health and livelihood security, promote healthy living, happy, striving for the best work of Chinese companies.
Mawson Tektronix, employees have the enterprise value of identity, cause of belonging, a sense of accomplishment struggle, life protection sense!

Mawson Tektronix, employee release potential and achieve the dream stage!

1, staff training

New Employee Orientation: To help new employees understand the company quickly adapt and competent job as soon as possible, the company arranged for each new employee experienced staff as mentors to guide new job. After new employees reported for duty, Human Resources will arrange induction, good recruits new staff guidelines. There will also arrange regular training system for new employees, in-depth understanding of the company culture, systems and business conditions.
Common quality of training: To help employees understand deeply and actively practicing corporate culture, enhance professionalism, master work skills, improve personal productivity, and strengthen emotional self-management and interpersonal communication level and influence.

Leadership Training: In order to enhance the leadership skills of enterprise management personnel, the company leadership to enhance the design and planning of the project, from the leadership of the self, leadership team, led three dimensions to help business managers continue to enhance leadership to stimulate team dynamic, creating excellent performance .

Sailing talent project: selection of key staff from the existing high-growth potential and has the potential to personnel management, through systematic training exercise to improve the overall literacy and basic management skills, after passing the examination into the group line managers reserve talent pool.

Talent pilot project: selection from the existing middle managers who have a high growth potential, through systematic training exercise to strengthen and improve macro-global vision comprehensive management capabilities, after passing the examination into the Group senior managers reserve talent pool.

3, career development: Career development is a long-term commitment to our employees. The company established a research and development category, professional and technical class, management class, multi-channel marketing class career development path. The company encourages employees based on individual career development interests, professional experience, personal skills and jobs need to choose a career path matches, full play to their potential and achieve sustainable development of employees and the company.

Second, pay and benefits

Salaries and benefits Mawson Tektronix follow this principle:

1 with market competitiveness

Mawson Tektronix offers a competitive compensation and benefits. The company regularly participate in the world's leading pay research company organized market salary survey, the overall understanding and grasp of domestic pharmaceutical market overall pay levels, status quo and development trend, every year we will be in accordance with the company's development strategy, developing an overall compensation strategy the company, in order to ensure attract, motivate and retain talent.

2.-based performance appraisal

Mawson Tektronix standardize fair, performance-oriented examination and evaluation systems and processes, in strict accordance with the value of the performance evaluation results and positions, to determine pay levels of employees. Salary structure design company, full consideration market pay levels, job responsibilities and employee performance in three areas to ensure internal equity. 

Remuneration of employees will be directly linked to the performance of their work, but also related to the company's overall performance.

In addition to the basic provisions of the welfare state, we also offer a number of other benefits, such as:

1, holiday benefits: Mawson Tektronix tradition in parts of the country during the holidays, for the payment of certain employee benefits and holidays, including New Year welfare, welfare Women's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival benefits.

2, commercial insurance: included inpatient and outpatient medical insurance, 24-hour personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, strengthen employee health insurance, lifting the staff worries.

3, annual physical examination: Mawson Tektronix organize medical examination once a year, and the establishment of health records for employees.