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First, the job recruitment :( consolidated salary: 2500-3500 yuan / month)
General workers / operator / inspector / reserve cadres / Warehouse Clerk / fitter / line monitor, etc.

Second, the number of job requirements :( 50)
A male or female, age 16-45 years of age, secondary and higher education, relevant work experience is preferred;Two healthy, no color blindness, no tattoos, hard working, subject to management, strong sense of responsibility.

Three, time :( different workshops can be arranged according to the individual circumstances of the post)

Fourth, the benefits:
One hires sign a formal labor contract, a comprehensive salary range: 2500-3500 yuan / month, part of the gang.

Bit: 2800-4000 yuan / month, the first month of entry normal salary: 2000-2500 yuan, security at the end 2000Yuan;