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How to solve the problem of blurred mirror after rain

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On rainy days, car owners will encounter this kind of situation: glass and rearview mirror are unable to see clearly the situation of the rear-view mirror and the window due to the adhesion of rain. It is also dangerous to run out to wipe the glass and rear-view mirror. It is also dangerous not to clear the situation of the rear-view mirror even if the heating function of the rearview mirror is used. The water on the glass window is not clear even if the glass is lowered and raised again. If the rain is not good, the car is full of water.

How to save money and effort! Practice on rainy days!

Wipe the glass clean, apply soap evenly on it, wait for five minutes, and then wipe off the dried soap with paper towel or newspaper. You can see the situation in the car through the glass. The reason is that the hydrophilic part of the soap destroys the surface tension of water, so that the rain will not form water droplets on the glass and form a large water film.

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