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How to use the skylight quickly

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Skylight is no longer the "patent" of luxury cars. Now many economy cars are also equipped with skylights. But the reporter found in the interview that in the actual use process, the utilization rate of skylight is not high, which has become redundant configuration. In fact, the small skylight is very useful. Yesterday, Lanzhou traffic police issued safety information to remind drivers to drive safely and use skylight correctly.

1. Quickly remove the fog in the car

It is a quick way to use skylight to remove fog. Especially in summer and autumn, there is a lot of rain and humidity.

Drivers all know that if the side windows of the car are closed tightly during driving, the temperature difference between inside and outside the car will be increased, and the front windshield glass is easy to form fog.

Although most cars are equipped with anti fog devices, some of them are not so effective. The driver only needs to open the roof skylight to the rear ventilation position, which can easily eliminate the fog of the front windshield and ensure the driving safety.

Using the skylight for ventilation, you don't have to worry about the bad and dirty environment outside the car, nor do you need to worry about the rain blowing into the car.

2. Fast cooling and energy saving

The use of skylights also has energy-saving benefits. In the hot summer, the car in the sun exposure for an hour, the temperature in the car can easily reach about 70 ℃. Open the door, a heat wave will come. For many people, they choose to turn on the air conditioner immediately to reduce the temperature inside the car.

In fact, if you have a skylight version of the car, you just need to open the skylight, use the negative pressure formed by the roof during the vehicle driving to extract hot and dry air to achieve the purpose of rapid ventilation and cooling. Using this method is 2-3 times faster than using the car air conditioner to cool down, and also save gasoline.

3. The best time to open the skylight

In early spring, it is still chilly in the morning and at night, which makes people "hit the mark" if they are not careful. At this time, in order to ventilate without losing the temperature in the car, we need to open the car skylight.

Because the car skylight is installed on the top of the car, its negative pressure principle will draw out a large number of waste and turbid gas sitting on the top, and form gas exchange with the open thermal air conditioner. In this way, the temperature inside the car will not be lost, and the good ventilation effect can be achieved.

4. Cars exposed to the sun

After your car has been exposed to the sun, you can open the car skylight. The best way to ventilate the car is to use air conditioner and skylight.

Experiments have proved that the best way to achieve the balance of the temperature in the car is to open the air conditioner and the car skylight. The car after exposure to the sun is like a stranded whale. It needs a fast and gentle temperature regulation method to reduce the temperature. In this case, opening the car skylight and the car air conditioning is the best choice, energy-saving and fast!

5. Cars in traffic jam

When there is a traffic jam, all vehicles are in a state of stagnation or slow moving, and the exhaust gas will inevitably be denser than ever. At this time, open the car skylight and close all the side windows, so that you do not have to worry about the exhaust gas in the air into the car. The negative pressure ventilation of the car skylight will exhaust the exhaust gas in the car and prevent the dirty air from entering the car.

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