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Skillful use of automobile skylight

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The skylight version of the car has always been popular with consumers. So, under what circumstances can the skylight be used to give full play to its unique advantages?

An extra "window" in a car is like having more vents. Every morning, when the car owner drives to work, he can open the skylight, and use its superior negative pressure principle to quickly eliminate the harmful gas such as formaldehyde accumulated in the car overnight; in hot summer, opening the skylight can achieve the purpose of rapid ventilation and cooling. When the front and rear windows of the vehicle are opened to reduce the temperature difference between the front and rear windows, it will be easier for the driver to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vehicle when the air window is opened to 2 times faster than that of the driver when the air window is opened to the inside and outside of the vehicle When the vehicle is in a traffic jam, all vehicles are in a stagnant or slow state, and the vehicle exhaust is more dense than at any time. At this time, opening the skylight and closing the side window can greatly reduce the exhaust gas in the air from entering the vehicle.

In real life, we often find that some people mistakenly regard automobile skylight as "work window" and "viewing window". For example, some people carry a camera out of the skylight to photograph the wedding procession, while others stand up and lean out of the skylight to feel the nature. This is very dangerous. Once the car brakes or the vehicle is hit by the rear car, the whole person can not stand still and is easily injured and may be thrown out of the car. The skylight of some models has the function of automatic closing after flameout. In case of flameout, the person who leans out of the skylight will be easily injured.

Although the skylight is also a window, its mechanical structure is somewhat delicate compared with the door and window, so the frequency of use should not be too high, nor can it be operated brutally. When the vehicle is driving on bumpy road, it is better not to open the skylight, so as not to damage the skylight due to severe turbulence.

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